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Take a walk on the wild side pack

Take a walk on the wild side pack

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This collection is for the person who loves barrel-aged wild ales or anything weird and flavourful.

These are the kind of beers you crack open on special occasions (perfect for the impending festive season). 

☀️ Golden Wild (750ml): A saison aged in oak barrels for X months. 

It’s dry, funky and tart, with layers of lime, coconut, guava, pineapple and stone fruits, presented in an effervescent golden hue.

💥 Red Wild (750ml): A red aged in oak barrels for X months. It's 

full-bodied and tart, with layers of red fruits, vanilla, wood, chocolate and caramel, presented in a deep red hue.

🍑 Nectarine Wild (375ml): An oak-aged golden farmhouse ale aged on nectarines. 

🪵 Tennessee Cider (375ml): An oak aged Normandy cider made using organic cider apples, bone dry and full of flavor.

It has a strong oaky wine aroma, followed by flavours of stone fruits, coconut, lychee and sharp lime acidity.

🔥 Smoke n Barrel (375ml): A saison with honey fermented cumquats and pepper bush. 

A collaboration beer between Black Arts and IGNI Restaurant.

🥃 Tennessee Gold (375ml): A saison 

aged for 13 months in a Jack Daniel’s bourbon barrel. The smooth bourbon flavours have helped bring out the vanilla and oak characteristics of our Gold.


Free local delivery is available until 22 December. Delivered once a week. Includes (in alphabetical order): Altona, Footscray, Kingsville, Newport, Seaholme, Seddon, Spotswood, South Kingsville, Tottenham, West Footscray, Williamstown, Yarraville. 

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